Born out of Mezzo Labs, The UK’s largest independent web analytics agency

Here at Mezzo Labs, we always dreamed of automating our difficult, time consuming, web analytics tasks - to deliver more value to our clients and to spend more time in the local pub.

By working closely with the Artificial Intelligence Gurus at the University Of Westminster - we managed to build suite of machine learning tools which automated anomaly detection, insight & reporting.

We decided to combine them into an online tool called uplifter and offer it to anyone who wants to get a greater return on investment from Web Analytics.

We’re building a community around the tool which allows anyone to add website recommendations and the technology will match the right ones to your website - saving you heaps of time and hard work.

Unfortunately we haven’t yet spent any more time in the pub.

Our team


Alexander Holman-Butt

Head of Product


Tom Davenport

Lead Data Scientist


Chris Wallis

Lead UX Developer

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